About CloudPass

CloudPass brings together technologies such as access control, biometrics (fingerprint and face recognition) and ANPR (automatic number-plate recognition) into a unified cloud-based vehicle and workforce management solution. They offer lean and green solution which reduces CO2 emissions, engineer site visits, travel to sites and less hardware required on site.As the market leader, CloudPass has been designed with ease of use in mind to provide seamless integration into a business, built with security and scalability to support a single site through to enterprise multi site deployments.Industries that are using CloudPass:

• Construction (Turnstiles, Pre-enrolment and Online Inductions, Time and Attendance Reports, Delivery Management)
• Waste Management (Vehicle tracking, Multi site tracking, Advanced Analytics)
• Public Sector (Council ANPR, Traffic Management, Access Requests)
• Leisure and Hospitality (Gyms, Hotels, Shopping Centres, Retail, Stadium Access)
• Offices (Access Control, Time and Attendance, Visitor Management)
• Data Centres (CloudPass Forms, Two Factor Authentication, Traffic Control)

About our CloudPass team
Our CloudPass team is engaged on several amazing projects. The most interesting project that our team is working on is the App that is designed to be a management tool for the CloudPass products. The App supports an extensive range of features that are integrated in the CloudPass products, such as Access Control, Face Recognition, ANPR, Delivery Management, advanced analytics, and many more.