TOB is the software development company based in Sarajevo. Our aim is to provide excellence in software development.

We’re on a mission to radically improve development experience, and deliver high quality software solutions.

We are a company of enthusiasts who are eager to share, collaborate and innovate in order to make a positive impact on the future of technology.

The company has expert teams of software and web developers who are well versed in use of various technologies like C#, TypeScript, Javascript, Angular, React, Xamarin, MongoDb, NodeJS etc.

Life at TOB

Flexible work hours / Remote working 

Our flexible work culture encourages you to have greater control regarding where, when, and how you work. We invest in technology for remote-friendly meetings and offer flexible working hours and locations. 

Equipment & workplace setup 

We want all of our employees to have the tools and equipment necessary to do their best work. We cover the costs related to equipping your workplace. 

Find your dream job at TOB 

Our selection process is designed to ensure that we both get to know each other. This allows us to determine whether we’re aligned on goals, values, working style, and other attributes. We’re always looking for technologists who want to achieve incredible results and make a global impact. 


Vlado Tešanović


Dušan Radović

Software Developer

Dejan Drvendžija

Software Developer

Vladana Pandurević

QA Engineer

Milana Bijeljanin

Software Developer

Paras Agarkar

Software Developer

Emir Skopljak

Software Developer

Emir Šišić

Project Owner

Jasmin Kmetaš

Database Specialist

Dejana Kusmuk

Operations Associate

Naida Hubić

Operations Associate

Software Developer

Albina Paljević

QA Engineer

Senadin Beganović

Software Developer

Vlado Vanovac

Software Developer

Stefan Antonić

Software Developer

Bojan Ognjenović

QA Engineer

Đorđe Tepavčević

Software Developer Intern