CASE STUDY: Revolutionizing customization of electrical enclosures


Our client, a pioneering company specializing in producing switches, sockets, and smart home solutions approached us with a visionary objective. They aimed to enhance customer engagement by offering a platform where electricians and electrical planners could design their electrical enclosures effortlessly. This initiative aligned with their commitment to providing tailored, cutting-edge, and technically advanced solutions to their global clientele.


The client faced the challenge of transforming the way customers interacted with their products. They needed a digital solution that empowered customers to design personalized electrical enclosures, incorporating electrical switches and other electrical components. This solution had to be user-friendly, visually appealing, and seamlessly integrated into their existing digital infrastructure.


We conceptualized and developed a state-of-the-art web configurator that revolutionized the customization experience for end users. This interactive tool allowed users to choose from a comprehensive range of enclosures, and electrical devices with the possibility of additional personalization. The intuitive configurator interface allowed users to drag and drop components into the virtual enclosure creating a digital twin, layout visualization by creating a one-pole scheme, and downloading all necessary documents.

Key Features:

Intuitive Design Interface: The web configurator featured an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to effortlessly arrange electrical devices within the digital enclosure. Drag-and-drop functionality made customization intuitive and enjoyable.

Comprehensive Product Catalog: The configurator integrated the client’s entire product catalog, showcasing a diverse range of devices. Users could explore different options, ensuring that their customized enclosure met their specific requirements.

Single-pole scheme: In a few steps, the user can very quickly and easily connect devices and create a single-pole scheme that completely accurately defines the layout and connections of the devices in the enclosure.

Instant Price Estimation and Device Availability: Transparent pricing was crucial. The configurator provided real-time cost calculations based on the selected components, enabling clients to make informed decisions within their budget. The client also has an always-updated view of the state of all devices in the main warehouse.

Integration with Wholesalers: This feature streamlines the procurement process by connecting our platform with multiple wholesalers, eliminating need for manual searches or intermediaries.

Document Accessibility: All the documents that an electrician or electrical planner needs after creating his project are available and ready for instant use.


The implementation of the web configurator significantly enhanced the client’s customer engagement and satisfaction levels. By empowering clients to design personalized electrical enclosures online, our client experienced a notable increase in sales and customer retention. The seamless integration of the configurator into their digital platform streamlined the ordering process, reducing operational complexities and enhancing overall efficiency.


This collaboration exemplifies the transformative power of digital solutions in the electrical industry. By embracing innovation and prioritizing user experience, the client successfully differentiated itself in the market, setting new standards for customization and customer engagement in the energy sector.

Technology Stack for Enclosure Configurator:

Backend Architecture
The backend infrastructure of the Enclosure Configurator project is developed using C#, a powerful and versatile programming language. It is architected as a collection of microservices, allowing for modular development and deployment. These microservices are orchestrated and managed within a Kubernetes cluster, providing a robust and scalable environment for the backend services of the Enclosure Configurator.

Frontend Framework
The frontend of the Enclosure Configurator is built using the Angular framework. Angular offers a comprehensive platform for developing dynamic and interactive user interfaces, enabling the Enclosure Configurator to deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience for our customers.